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    10 reasons not to stay in a hotel

    10 reasons not to stay in a hotel

    So you have plans of taking a large family or a group of friends for a sea holiday in Europe? Do not rush to book hotels it could be expensive, trivial, and even uncomfortable if you travel with young children. Think about villa holiday - a great alternative to any hotel accommodation. Well, the existing stereotypes claim that only rich people can afford such a kind of vacation. We are going to change this stereotype. There are, of course, luxury villas offered at skyrocketing numbers, but most part of the proposals in Europe come at reasonable prices with excellent location and high quality. If you are going to spend your vacation with a big company or you plan to bring several families together a holiday villa will suit you perfectly. You will just divide the expenses for the rent among all those traveling or among the families. You save your budget and increase the amount of money to spend on yourself during the holiday.

    Let's compare the rent you pay for a villa with the standard hotel rates: Stay with a large company or several families in a villa or cottage and your holiday will be much cheaper than if you take many rooms in a hotel.
    Full immersion in the atmosphere of the country where you are staying. Hotels are generally uniform and do not fully reflect the specifics of the country, local customs and temper.

    You're renting a place with a larger area if compared with a standard hotel room. Instead of a small bedroom and tiny bathroom offered by a hotel, you have the opportunity to relax in a bigger space, you get a living room, additional rooms, corridors, terraces, your own territory with a garden, garage or parking lot, some villas offer even a private beach.

    You can cook whatever you like and whenever you want. No need for you to wake up and rush to take breakfast at the hotel according to a strict schedule with a lack of menu variety. When you stay at the villa you can make a cup of your favorite coffee, take it in bed, or even on the beach.

    Great savings with food. You buy groceries at the supermarkets, cook at the villa. As practice shows having a meal at restaurants is xpensive, or even becomes boring after 4-5 days. Drop in a local fish shop, get what you choose and cook all your favorite fresh seafood by yourself, for a good price and have a great time for the whole company. A great opportunity to have a party, sit up late at the table al fresco on the terrace overlooking the sea such things you can afford only at a very high-class hotel.

    A large fenced area with a garden surrounding the villa, during your holiday it belongs only toyou. Here you can watch your children play, without worrying about them. At your request, cots and high chairs will be arranged at the villa. At your disposal you have a fully equipped kitchen for preparing the baby food.

    Rent-a-car - travel from your villa to all corners of the region where you are staying. Be sure, these trips will leave a lot more experience than the boring standard tours with a tired guide in a hot bus. Take a great guide book for your trip, learn more on your own. You do not need any transfers airport-hotel-airport. On arrival at the airport you pick up a pre-booked car and go to your destination, and when it's time to go home just leave your rented car at the airport. Compare the so-called "organized" groups, long waiting in the bus, then a long lasting tourists drop off at the hotels.

    You do not necessarily need to speak the language of the country in which you are traveling, basic English, or even language with your fingers is enough. In Europe, the people are friendly. They will listen to you and always try to understand you.

    You get a unique experience of traveling on your own to a foreign country with a lot of emotions that you would be happy to share with your friends.

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