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    Holiday villas and apartments in Europe - Important information

    Important information

    IMPORTANT! Most of the houses and apartments that we offer are not only residences, designed for tourists, but also private homes. Standards or categories do not always coincide with those international; the rentals have their own characteristics in architecture or finishing decoration, and often carry features of a local traditional character, which directly depends on the taste of the owner.

    So here's what we offer: immersion in local culture and the opportunity to become a local resident for several weeks.

    Most importantly you can appreciate a unique opportunity to experience and feel the difference between life in this house / apartment and the usual environment. We carefully select proposals for private home accommodations choosing from a wide range of those available on the European market, in order to satisfy the wishes of the majority of customers from different countries. However, we cannot exclude the chance of any minor inconveniences associated with the features of local architecture, landscape and traditions which for this reason cannot be accepted as complaints.

    Please read carefully these guidelines before proceeding with booking your accommodation. This will help us to make a better work, and you will get a great holiday, and together we have an understanding.

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