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    Rent in Greece Attica - Villas, cottages, apartments, flats for rent in Greece

    Greece is a great place to rent a villa from May to October inclusively. Here you will find the largest amount of bright sunshine in Europe, crystal clean sea water and air, a huge variety of fish and seafood, serenity, silence and safety. Renting a villa in Greece has advantages due to economic reasons – services, markets, shops and restaurants at smart prices.
    Villa in Greece, as a rule, is a very spacious house with high-quality finishing, furniture, household appliances and fixtures - all for little money - if you compare with Italy, Spain or France. The most interesting rental deals are located on the islands of Corfu and Crete. Majority of the villas have their own pool and are located at a distance of 10 to 800 m from the beach.

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